Tuesday, 22 January 2008


What is reurbanisation?
What are the causes of reurbanisation?
Be able to give a detailed case study of regeneration in the UK
What is gentrification and how is it connected to reurbanisation?

Choose from one of the case studies below and produce a detailed powerpoint presentation which answers the questions above.
You should also use Live Maps to produce a map of the case study you choose e.g. My example A really good website here that I got some of my info from.

General resources
AS Geography textbook P208-210
Regeneration through culture article
Urban regeneration article


AS Level Geography P211
GeoActive article - Salford Quays - Inner City Renewal
Issues and Environments textbook P62-63

London Docklands
Key Geography for GCSE P168-169
Issues and Environments textbook P58-59

Thames Gateway
Geofile Online article: Thames Gateway

powerpoint courtesy of Mr Payne (via Slideshare)

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